Felipe Velázquez

«Soy maestro de inglés gracias a Superman»

Teacher Felipe Velazquez

Hi, I am Felipe Velázquez. I was born 45 years ago in Mexico City  and I´m an English teacher. I am proud to be Mexican. In fact, I must say that I have lived in different cities around the contry. Anyway, I have a story to tell you: Why I decided to learn English!

Just picture this.  It was 1977. I was 10 years old and my father took all the family to the cinema to watch Superman 1; the movie which was starred by Christopher Reeve (if you haven´t watched it, ask your grandparents. They´ll know what I´m talking about.) Well, there was a scene in which Louise Lane goes on a helicopter but it gets broken and she falls down from the top of the building from where the chopper was about to take off. While she is on her way to a sure death, a pedestrian walks up and says, «Holy Shit!» But on the subtitles you could read, «¡Carambas!»

At that moment, I turned around asking everybody for what he had said in English. I was sure that what he had said meant  something else because when we see an accident in Mexico, we don´t say so, do we?  However, the people told me to shut up, they were watching the movie and my father said that if I wanted to know it I had to learn English.  Those were the magic words that ignited my wish to learn English.

My father sent me to cheap schools because he couldn´t afford paying expensive courses. So, I basically learned to translate because my first teachers taught me English in Spanish. Still, I am convinced that if a student really wants to learn the language well, there are no obstacles. I remember I used to go to the airport to speak with foreign tourists. I practiced English as much as I could. When I was 18, I got a job in a company where I knew I could find people who spoke English for me to practice.

Well, and that is how all began. Now, I work at The Anglo. Additionally, I prepare students at UNAM to take their English certifications,  mainly TOEFL and TOEFL iBT.   But what I consider my most helpful job is that I teach a Teachers´ Course on Sundays. I love teaching it because I can help people get better jobs; I have seen lives changing and that´s makes me feel so proud of them.

Teacher Felipe

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