To Go Dutch / Dutch Treat

Irse a medias / Irse a mitas


Go Dutch1

Click on the image for more information. Taken from Googlo Images – Go Dutch

  • Meaning: 

Each person pays for what they consume when going to a restaurant, bar, etc.

Go Dutch4

  • Origin: 

Back in the late 1800’s, people in the United States noticed that every time Dutch immigrants were invited to hang around with friends, they did not consume much since they took great care of their money. Additionally, they always insisted on having split bills, knowing that this way they would always pay a small amount of money for their very well know habit of being cheap. Nowadays, it is common that when, among the Anglo Saxon community, a couple goes out for the first time, they have to split the bill not in a 50 – 50 proportion but in a you-pay-for-what-you-eat-or-drink arrangement. Consequently, it is really disappointing for Latin girls that when they go out with an Anglo Saxon man at the time of paying the bill, he asks the waiter to bring separate bills. This is something that goes far out of what being a gentleman is considered in Latin American countries.

Go Dutch2

Click on the image for more information. Taken from Googlo Images – Go Dutch


  • Origin: 

-Annie, I was wondering that maybe you would like to join me this evening to a restaurant. You know, I like Italian food but I just hate to go alone to a restaurant. It makes me feel that everybody is staring at me thinking that I were a pathetic loser who could not get somebody else’s companionship. 

-This sounds like an invitation to me.

-Well, yes. It is an invitation to come with me purely as friends ti share a good time while having a delicious dinner and having a good chat. You know, friendship, Dutch treat. The usual thing.

-Well, George. The usual for you. In my country we are accustomed that if the man invites out, he has to pay the bill. Just like that. Fair and square. No wonder why nobody wants to go out with you. Bye!


Go Dutch3

Click on the image for more information. Image taken from Google images – Go Dutch




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