«De policías y ladrones»

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  • Meaning:


Having to do with spies, assessins, mistery, intrigue, spies, police, secret agents, and the like where secret plots and schemes are crafted so as to get a dark goal.


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  • Origin:

Rumor has it that, as seen in the movie and video games series Assassins Creed, in medieval times, there was a secret group of thieves, spies andlers who acted as mercenaries, selling their services to those who had the money and the power to pay for them. These mercenaries were opposed by secret agents under the orders of his/her majesty. These, using fight-fire-with-fire techniques, were encharged of keeping the kingdom, royal possessions and the lives of those in the crown safe. In a similar way, in the 1600’s,  theater goers all around Europe, especially in Spain, enjoyed the performance of traveling puppeteers who went all around the country amazing viewers with their fantastic representations of knights, duel fighters, heroes who saved princesses from the evil of desires of baddies who kept their identities secret by covering their heads and bodies with cloaks. Additionally, these evildoers carried small knives called daggers under their garments to be used at any needed moment. These kind of theatrical performances were called, cloak and dagger plays. Nowadays, this term is used to talk about all the James-Bond-like movies, novels and plots.

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  • Example:

John: Helen, why are you angry?

Helen: Oh, John. It is my boss. He is always telling me not to talk to anybody about office issues for the sake of keeping the secrecy of the department activities safe.

John: Do you deal with very important matters that have to be kept secret?

Helen: No, not at all and that is the point. It gets me mad that I cannot talk with anyone around the company because my boss gets the feeling that I sharing secret information with others. What secrets can the Public Relations department involve. In fact, it is our duty is to inform and not ot desinform others about what the company does.

John: Oh, Helen. Chill out! I think you are exaggerating a little.

Helen: Exaggerating did you say? Just take this example for you to understand how obsessed my boss is with this issue. Our meetings are either very early in the morning or very late at night when nobody is in the company but us. We have to turn off our cellphones and put them in a safe before each meeting. We cannot take notes about anything mentioned in our gatherings. I am sick and tired of this cloak-and-dagger way to work!

Click on the image for more information. Taken from Google images Cloak-and-dagger








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