Blow your Own Horn

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blow your own horn2

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  • Meaning

To brag (to speak arrogantly) about your own achievements so that people know how important your victories have been.  To call other people´s attention on your own triumphs and merits in order to get their respect or their praise.

blow your own horn

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  • Origin

Horns have been used through history not only as musical instruments but also as to alert others of a possible danger or when a dignity was visiting.  Horns were blown before the expression, «here comes…» was announced. Nowadays, you blow or toot your own horn in order to let others know what features make you a special person. There is a narrow line that divides being arrogant or vain with blowing your own horn.

blow your own horn1

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  • Example

When I went to an interview to get the researcher´s grant, the examiner told me I was not the right person to get it. But suddenly, her boss entered and he told me, «Are you Dr. John Smith? The guy who just discovered the new cure for cancer?»


My interviewer was disconcerted at that and she asked me, «Why hadn´t you told me about it?» I just replied humbly, «I don´t like blowing my own horn. That´s pathetic. You should be better informed of those you interview.»

blow your own horn3

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