Leave Someone Holding the Bag

Dejar a alguien colgado de la brocha 

left holding the bag1

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Not to share the blame with someone who has been accused of doing wrong when it was a group who participated or helped him in the offense.

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Pictures taken from Google Images, «Leave someone holding the bag»
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During the 1780´s in America, it was said that a boy was played a trick by his mean friends who sent him to the forest at night with just a bag and a lantern. Arguably, he had been said that the lantern would help him catch a bird which, attracted by the light, would fly straight into the bag. The mischievous friends told their victim that they would join them in the middle of the forest at midnight to help him catch the bird, but in the end, he stayed all night long alone and afraid.

left holding the bag

Pictures taken from Google Images
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• A corrupt politician, leader of a union was sent to prison for robbery. He was confident that the union would use its power to set him free, but this never happened. He was left holding the bag.
left holding the bag2

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