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To Have a Cow (USA)/ To Have Kittens (UK)

Andar como león enjaulado / Andar enchilado

have a cow


To be angry, to have a fit.

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The expression “To have a Cow” comes from the 1950´s in the USA. It was first used in a book but then it also appeared in TV shows as in Scooby Doo and The Simpsons. There are several stories around its origin but one says that if a woman, instead of expecting a baby, she were pregnant with a cow, she would have a terrible time and a consequence a terrible mood. On the other hand, in medieval times, it was supposed that if a woman had a difficult pregnancy, it was because she had been inseminated by a black cat and instead of expecting a human baby, it was said that the woman was pregnant with kittens.

have a cow3

Picture taken from Google Images, «Have a cow»
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• My father has been nervous all day because he will have a very important meeting tomorrow where he will give a presentation to the board of directors. He was such in a bad mood that when I told him. “C´mon dad. Don´t have a cow!” He didn´t answer to me. He just throw a shoe at me as I started running away.
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