To Get Over the Hill

Estar entrado en años / Pintar canas / Andar rondando el hoyo

over the hill1

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Too old to be able to do something; to escape  from prison or the military.

over the hill2

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If we considered that the lives of humans were like climbing a hill or mountain; then, we would have to say that when we are born, we are at the skirts of the hill. As we grow older, we scale on the slope up to higher areas. When we are at an old edge and very close to arrive at the end of our lives, we would be on the hill. If we are over the hill, it is because we are living more a longer life than the rest of people. On the other hand, for the second use of this idiom, we have to remember that prisons and the military are usually built at far and away areas usually surrounded by hills and mountains so that not everybody can trespass into their facilities or escape.

over the hill

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•A very good friend of mine is always laughing at me because she says I look like a senior citizen. But the other day when I saw her ID, I could read her date of birth and then I told her, “Hey, honey. According to this card, it seems that somebody is getting over the hill”.
over the hill4

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