To Catch Someone´s Eye

Atrapar tu mirada  


catch someone´s eye1

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To attract someone´s attention, to find someone attractive, to make eye contact with somebody else for the first time.


catch your eye3

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If you catch someone´s eye, that means that your sight aims at that person. Originally, this idiom was used with the intention of saying that somebody else was the focus of your attention for whatever reason it might be. Nowadays, the meaning of this idiom has extended into romance to tell that you have a crush on someone else, your romantic pursuit.


catch someone´s eye2

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•I had never believed in love at first sight, but last night something weird happened to me. I went to my friend´s house to celebrate his birthday and there was his cousin Angela. What an awesome woman. She is beautiful, charming, sweet, clever. She just caught my eye since the very moment our eyes met and now I just can´t take her out of my mind.
catch someone´s eye3

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