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A Bleeding Heart

Un Alma Caritativa 

A bleeding heart4

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A very compassionate person who feels pity for all those who are suffering. A soft-hearted or tender-hearted person.

A bleeding heart5

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This idiom was coined in America in the 20th century and it  began to be used by those who were against charities and then in a derogative way started to refer to those who participated in helping-people-in-need campaigns as bleeding hearts, stressing the fact that those who care for others have a heart which bleeds.

a bleeding heart

Click on the image to watch the video of the song, «Bleeding Heart» by Jimmy Hendrix


•My grandmother is always helping poor people around the city. Other times she picks up homeless dogs from the streets and brings them home to take care of them. She even cries when she sees children begging for money in the streets. She is a real bleeding heart.
a bleeding heart6