At The Drop Of A Hat

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  • Meaning:

To begin something at an indicated moment (the dropping of a hat), to star something without any delay.


  • Origin:

Since long time ago, there have been many ways to indicate that a certain event had to start, especially competitions. They were started by different means, for example a whistle, the shooting of a gun, dropping a handkerchief or a hat, as the expression suggests. To drop the hat represents the signal that competitors need in order to get a of a competition started. This use has been now extended to any event that we start enthusiastically at a given signal.

  • Example:
Teacher:      Are you ready to start answering your tests?
Students:     Give us a copule of minutes more, teacher.
Teacher:      Sorry, but I have to give you your exams at the drop of a hat.

Google Images, «At the drop of a hat»

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