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The Apple of Your Eye

La Niña de Mis ojos



Taken from Google Images, «The Aplle of My Eye»


  • Meaning:


A person to whom you love a lot. Someone whom you treasure and adore. Your best beloved one.




  • Origin:


Thousands of years ago, people used to say that the pupil of the eye was like an apple. It looked like one of them and it was solid like it. The pupil of your eye is a precious, invaluable thing. Without it, we could simply not see anything at all. So, when someone is the apple of your eye, you just simply love that person a lot.




  • Example:
Husband: «Honey, I´m going to take our child to the park to play soccer for a while.»
Wife: «What? Are you crazy? What if something bad happens to him?»
Husband: «C´mon babe! He´s 8 years old. He´ll be fine. I´ll take good care of him.»
Wife: «Ok, but please be really careful. I don´t know what I would do if something happened to my baby.»
Husband: «Yeah! I know he is the apple of your eye!»

Taken form Google Images, «The Apple of My Eye»