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To be All Thumbs

Tener dos Pies Izquierdos


Taken from Googles Images, «To be all thumbs.»


  • Meaning:

To be all thumbs means to be awkward or clumsy, not to be skillful, especially while using the hands.


  • Origin:

We have five fingers in each hand. Each one has a different size and a different form because every one has a special function to perform. Now, if we only had five thumbs in each hand, that would be a terrible condition to live with because then we couldn’t be able to hold, take or do things as skillfully as we normally do with our normal fingers, such as hitting the buttons of a computer, picking up small objects, performing artistic pursuits, etc.


  • Example:
After I dropped the flute the fifth time in the recital, the music teacher kicked me out from the band.
Me: «Why did you kick me out of the band?»
Teacher: «Don´t you see? You dropped the flute five times during last recital. It´s notWhen I asked him for an explanation for such a decision, he just told me,  «It´s because you are all thumbs.»