To Be All Ears

Ser Todo Oídos

  • Meaning:

To be all ears means that you are willingly listen to others, that you are an attentive sharp or curious listener.


  • Origin:

Every organ in the body has a special function to do. The ear is the organ which we use for listenening. Now, picture that you were full of ears everywhere or that your body were just a big ear. It wouldn’t be difficult to hear well, would it? So, when we say that we are “all ears” we mean that nothing else is more important than listening to what the other person has to tell us.


  • Example:


When the teacher told us to pay attention before he explained to us what the instructions for the term paper were. We answered that we were all ready to hear. We said that we were all ears.

Taken from Googles Images: «To be all ears»

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