Air your Dirty Laundry in Public

Sacar los trapitos al sol



  • Meaning:

You air your dirty laundry in public when you talk about your private isssues or embarrassing situations in front of others, especially when arguing.

  • Origin:

When we hang our recently washed clean clothes on a clothesline in our yard, everybody can see them. But what if we hung our dirty clothes for every one to see? That would be really embarrassing, wouldn’t it? In this expression, our dirty luandry represents our dirty secret personal matters and airing them is to let them be known by the public. Some couples lose control when they are angry and start spouting secret things of each other when they are quarreling. A similar expression is “to air your dirty linen in public.”

  • Example:
 John and his wife fight a lot anywhere but when they lose their temper, they start airing their dirty laundry in public.

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