Achilles´ Heel

El Talón de Aquiles

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  • Meaning: 

The vulnerable spot that a person has. A weakness someone who is normally strong has.

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  • Origin:

Homer, famous Greek poet,  wrote the Iliad. This is the famous story concerning the Trojan War. In it, Achilles who was the greatest hero and warrior had only one weak spot: his heel. As the story goes, Achilles´mother wanted him to be an invincible warrior. In order to get this aim, she took her baby to a magic river, River Styx. Whatever part of the body that its enchanted fluids touched became invulnerable. Since Achilles´mother was holding him by the heel, this particular spot reamined uncovered and unprotected consequently. In the end of the story, Achilles got killed by a poisoned arrow that hit his heel.

achilles heel

Google images «Achlles´Heel»
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  • How to use it:

Student A: «Isn´t Mike the best athlete at school? Nobody can defeat him in any competition.»

Student B: «Yeah, you are right. It´s a shame that he was expelled from the college´s team by the coach because he started a fight in the dressing rooms.»

Student A: «Unfortunately, his rude behavior has always caused him trouble. No doubt that getting along with others is Mike´s Achilles´ heel!»

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Google images, «Achilles´Heel»
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