The Simple Present Tense (Part 1)

«¿Cómo puedo expresar las actividades que hago todos los días?»

The Simple Present is used to express habits: “I study English.” Anyway, it is important to know that certain expressions of time correspond to this tense (verbal time). They are:

  • Adverbs of Frequency:  They answer the question; how often. They go between the auxiliary verb and the verb/action. “I always study English.”
  • Expressions of Time: They answer the question when. They go at the end of the sentence/idea. “I study English everyday.”

Adverbs of Frquency

Expressions of Time




In the Morning


Twice a Week


After Class


At 3:00 PM


Every Now and Then

Hardly Ever

When I Have the Time


Before Noon

Then, we can say: “I always study English everyday.” But why do we say, “She always studies English everyday?” Well, to answer this we must consider that there are two auxilary verbs that we use in the Present Simple Tense:

  • Do:       I, you, we, they
  • Does:   He, she, it.

Do and Does are not used in affirmative ideas. The difference betwen having to use DO or DOES is indicated in the verb conjugation.

  • After I, you, we, they; we use a verb in simple form: I work, you play, we learn, they love.
  • After He, she, it; we use a verb in -S form (third person conjugation): He works, she plays, it learns.

In every tense, we have three important structures to use:

  1. Affirmative Structure:      I like to study English. / She hates that song.
  2. Negative Structure:           I don´t like to study French. / She doesn´t hate this book.
  3. Interrogative Structure: Do you study German? / Does she hate that movie?

Inside Out Mac Millan


Interchange English Course, Cambridge


New Framework English Course, Richmond


Headway English Course, Oxford



This was a contribution by: Teacher Verónica Salomón.

Teacher Verónica Salomón, Cambridge Certified

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